What is a Bucket Hoodie?

Let's tell you what a Bucket Hoodie is!

Your Bucket Hoodie fits all standard sized 4, 5, and 6 Gallon Pails. It slides on from the bottom with ease and holds tight just under the existing bucket rim. It has two strong carry handles to handle all types of heavy loads! You can choose to keep the old style bucket lid or toss it and exclusively use the bucket Hoodie. The Bucket hoodie (unlike the plastic lids that come with the buckets) will not crack, break, freeze, fall off, or be the source of frustration sealing your valuables inside your bucket!

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It’s a revolutionary way to keep everything in your bucket contained while making it more useful! It extends the covered bucket and adds an easy-to-access heavy-duty zippered opening. The material is a 600 Denier fabric that is water resistant, wind resistant, and stain proof. The Bucket Hoodie utilizes a para cord sewn into the bottom to safely secure your Hoodie to your bucket. It’s the same type of cord that they use in parachutes so you know its strong!

Our 5 Gallon bucket covers are extremely durable and useful in a variety of situations and industries! They universally fit 4, 5, and 6 gallon pails. Our clients include:
– Horse and farm owners. Cover your horse water pail, feed bucket, farrier bucket cover, or other items needing spill-proof protection in and around the barn! Zip it up to keep rodents, flies, and even the animals out of the bucket all while NOT having to fight with a breakable plastic bucket lid that is not finger friendly.
– Sportsmen and fishing. Your 5 gallon pail cover will prevent anything from spilling. When Hunting, use it to cover your valuable items. You can hang it from a tree and still quietly access the contents inside. Ice fishermen can use it to put their Ice Fishing rods in their bucket to protect their rod tips and other valuable items. It can also be used with a variety of other aftermarket bucket inserts for ice fishing and open water fishing. Being weatherproof, you can keep your daily catch in the bucket, outside, without the lid freezing on and still maintain access!
– Construction Trades. The bucket Hoodie 5 gallon pail cover is designed to be strong and durable to hold heavy loads! So fill it up with your tools and other valuables and NEVER have to fight with a plastic bucket lid again! The heavy-duty zipper will ensure you that your items stay contained in your bucket at all time in case of a drop or spill. Most construction workers have items and tools that extend out the top of the bucket weighing the bucket to one side. The thin metal handle will allow the bucket to tip to one side. The Bucket Hoodie prevents that and extends the height of your bucket!

Whatever you choose to use the Bucket Hoodie pail and bucket cover for, we know you will love it and find a tone of helpful uses for whatever you use a bucket for!

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